Smart response self-disinfected

bio-based nanocoated surfaces

for healthier environments

About Us

RELIANCE is addressing the growing need for an innovative holistic solution of smart response antimicrobial nanocoatings that are highly effective and safe, removing bacteria, fungi and viruses in a more efficient cost/performance ratio than the presently used petrochemical-based ones

Project's timeline

June 2022

May 2026


Main Innovation

RELIANCE’s ambitious objective will be achieved through a new range of antimicrobial copper doped mesoporous silica nanoparticles (Cu-SMIN) modified with non-toxic bioactives, functionalized to allow them to have a smart response with temperature or pH changes.


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Evaluating the antimicrobial activity of Essential Oils
RELIANCE poster presentation at XXX Conference of the Division of Analytical Chemistry in Italy

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