June 22, 2023

A productive one year of RELIANCE project

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The fourth consortium meeting of RELIANCE, marking 12 months since the start of the project, was hosted by our partner MILLIDYNE in Finland, nestled amid lush green landscapes and crystal-clear lakes. 

The event took place in a charming wooden cabin with large windows offering breathtaking views of a lake and the surrounding forest. This proved to be the perfect setting for sharing results, achieving milestones and overcoming challenges, discussing further strategies and exchanging ideas on what approaches to apply in the next stages of work activities.

Upon presentations’ conclusion, everyone was ready to enjoy some relaxing time and traditional Finnish delicacies. As the sun began to descent, the RELIANCE team took a boat trip on the lake, back to Tampere’s city center, and recharged to continue their intense work on the development of the antimicrobial nanoparticles and the incorporation of the essential oils and keratin based antimicrobial peptides. 

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