June 29, 2023

Partner Centexbel presents RELIANCE at their annual INFOhappening Textile Coating, Finishing, Dyeing & Printing workshop

On June 22, RELIANCE partner Centexbel, leader of the work activities on the synthesis and formulation of biobased polyurethane nanocoatings and their applicaition through digital printing, presented the project at the INFOhappening Textile Coating, Finishing, Dyeing & Printing workshop. The annual event took place in Zwijnaarde, Belgium and was attended by 40 industry representatives of the coatings industry, some of who joined online.

The main objective of the workshop was to showcase to the participants innovative approaches in the textiles coating industry, new projects and associated novel technologies, interesting results and regulatory matters.

The RELIANCE project was presented with preliminary results on the activities of digital finishing. Digital finishing is a very new approach to the textiles coating and finishing industry. It allows for a decrease of the use of antimicrobials up to 90%! Digital printers apply an invisible antimicrobial finish locally, where they are needed, which is done in lower amounts, precisely controlled by digital printers. The visitors of the workshop were able to see some samples at the RELIANCE booth, assisted by the scientific experts involved in the project who properly addressed all their questions. 

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