RELIANCE Kick Off meeting met by partners with excitement for the development of the novel smart response antimicrobial nanocoatings

15 partners from 10 countries gathered together at Tekniker facilities in Eibar for the launch of the new Horizon Europe project RELIANCE. Everyone looked eager to delve into exciting research aiming to develop smart response self-disinfectant antimicrobial nano-coatings based on a new range of smart antimicrobial nanoparticles.

The meeting was opened by the coordinator, Miren Blanco from Tekniker, with an overview of the project, which is organized around ten work packages. This was followed by some introductory words of the EC Project Officer, who stressed on the importance of the continuous reporting and thorough communication and dissemination activities and flowed into detailed discussions of each of the work packages. In the afternoon, Tekniker gave the group an interesting tour of their facilities, allowing partners to gain a closer look on the science Tekniker does on a daily basis. The day concluded with a lovely walk in Bilbao and delicious social dinner in the evening.

A lot has to be done by the interdisciplinary team of researchers and industry partners for the 48-month duration of the project, for the accomplishment of its ambitious goals, starting with defining the industrial specifications and preparing a preliminary sustainability analysis to outlining a comprehensive communication and dissemination strategy.

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