May 29, 2023


RELIANCE partners from Fribourg School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA-FR) took part in the 16. Freiburger Symposium organized by the Swiss Chemical Society, Division of Industrial and Applied Chemistry (DIAC) in Fribourg, Switzerland, 27 – 28 April 2023. They presented the progress within Work Package 2 “Synthesis of mesoporous nanoparticles with improved antimicrobial effect” with a poster entitled “Bio-based antimicrobial peptides for smart response self-disinfected surfaces”.

HEIA-FR team leads the activities related to optimizing keratin extraction from poultry feathers, which also involve a study of enzymatic methods for pure peptide fractions isolations, their characterization, and proper modification for achieving optimum boactive properties when attached to the copper doped mesopourous silica nanoparticles (Cu-SMIN).   

The Freiburger Symposium is a well established platfrom for exchanging research results through posters and we are pleased that its 16th edition held under the topic “From Lab to Industrial Application – Trends/Innovation in Process Chemistry & Technology” of co-chaired by one of RELIANCE project’s key consrotium members Dr. Roger Marti, HEIA-FR. The objective of this biennial conference is to provide DIAC’s more than 300 members, chemists and chemical engineers interested in industrial chemistry, chemical production and chemical process development with opportunities for professional training and networking.

Take a closer look at RELIANCE poster.

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