RELIANCE second consortium meeting, Fribourg, Switzerland

Last week RELIANCE consortium partners held the project’s second consortium meeting in Halle Bleue of Bluefactory, Fribourg, Switzerland.

The first day was very productive with the interesting presentations on the achieved work progress in the synthesis of mesoporous nanoparticles and microbe repelling coating formulations. The definition of nanoparticle

development specifications for each application area have been concluded.  Some challenges along the way were addressed with relevant modifications and research continues towards achieving Reliance’s objectives.

The day ended with delicious social dinner immersing partners in the local culinary tastes at Cafe du Midi - one of the two restaurants in Fribourg known for serving the best fondue. Everyone enjoyed the food, ambience and conversations.

The second day was dedicated to linking science to society, environment and business as essential for scientific results’ vitality as well as market acceptance and implementation of scientific outputs. Communication and dissemination activities to maximise project’s impact were also part of the discussion.

The highlight of the day was the tour of HES-SO Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale’s facilities. The guest visitors learned that an important thing students were taught was to be cognizant of scale and the significant difference in time and organizational management when it comes to lab vs industrial planning.

Everyone enjoyed this fruitful meeting and were excited to see each other again in June.

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